Our wonderful sponsor, Schnee's is providing the official training program for Huffing For Stuffing! The weekly group runs are free of charge and are offered in Bozeman for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. Come join us! You'll get whipped into shape in no time and have fun running with friends and neighbors all autumn leading up to Huffing For Stuffing on Thanksgiving Day.

Schnee's group runs are held weekly on Tuesdays at 6:00pm and Saturday mornings at 8:00am, and meet at the downtown store location on Main Street. Tuesday meetings are informative – focusing on everything from choosing the right gear for you, to improving your form and technique. Saturday meeting are “fun runs” only. This training program is lead by certified running instructor, Damian Stoy, of Wholistic Running.

Water and coffee are provided afterward at Schnee's. Call 406-587-0981 for more information. Be sure to ask about Schnee's Incentive Program for your active participation in the training group. Lots of prizes available (shirts, etc...)

Running or walking a 5K or 10K race is an excellent goal. You'll get lots of motivation, as well as enjoyment, from participating in a race event. Races offer a fun and challenging workout in a supportive environment with lots of other runners and walkers.

Remember – Schnee’s group training runs are FREE and a great way to meet new friends and motivate yourself to run well at Huffing For Stuffing this year! Come join us! 406-587-0981.