Huffing For Stuffing Winners:

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Overall 1st place: Makena Morley, 19:27, Bigfork MT, age 16

Overall 2nd place: Heather Haug, 19:55, Bozeman MT, age 23

Overall 3rd place: Katie Keith, 21:34, Bozeman MT, age 18

1-12: Bryn Morley, 21:38, Bigfork MT

13-17: Piper Meuwissen, 22:14, Bozeman MT

18-29: Rebecca Sorenson, 22:31, Bozeman MT

30-39: Julie Elliott, 23:05, Bozeman MT

40-49: Megan Regnerus, 25:08, Bozeman MT

50-59: Leslie Schmidt, 27:18, Bozeman MT

60-69: Jomarie Anderson, 29:37, Bozeman MT

70+: Jean Humphrey, 41:42, Columbia MD

Athena: Natalie Hull, 24:50, Dixon CA


Overall 1st place: Dan Jackson, 17:45, Bozeman MT, age 23

Overall 2nd place: Jakob Woodland, 18:06, Bozeman MT, age 18

Overall 3rd place: Jason Holmes, 18:20, Bozeman MT, age 16

1-12: Dylan Humberger, 23:12, Bozeman MT

13-17:LoganMorley, 18:50, Bigfork MT

18-29: Brian Potter, 19:22, Billings MT

30-39: Dewey Peacock, 19:26, Bozeman MT

40-49: Steve Morley, 18:21, Bigfork MT

50-59: Scott Creel, 18:34, Bozeman MT

60-69: Patrick Hatfield, 23:18, Bozeman MT

70+: Jerry Calvert, 33:16, Bozeman MT

Clydesdale: Peter Harned, 22:45, Bozeman MT

Women 10K WINNERS:

Overall 1st place: Hailey Cooper-Scott, 44:31, Spokane WA, age 32

Overall 2nd place: Kaitlin Macdonald, 45:44, Bozeman MT, age 24

Overall 3rd place: Ellen Lauchnor, 46:56, Bozeman MT, age 29

1-12: No Participants

13-17:AnnecyOlson, 51:47, Lakewood CO

18-29: Katie Tierney, 47:22, Bozeman MT

30-39: Holley Orrell, 47:10, Belgrade MT

40-49: Diane Horne, 51:57, Bozeman MT

50-59: Amy Stefan, 52:54, Bozeman MT

60-69: Carol Anderson, 1:01:07, Bozeman MT

70+: Colleen Feretto, 1:06:14, Bozeman MT

Athena: Donna Youker, 55:44, Belgrade MT


Overall 1st place: Lyle Weese, 36:53, Bozeman MT, age 33

Overall 2nd place: Runner Unknown, 37:17

Overall 3rd place: Mike Wolfe, 38:00, Bozeman MT, age 34

1-12: Mac Johnson, 49:29, Bozeman MT

13-17: Cooper Tedford, 45:12, Bozeman MT

18-29: Daryl Nourse, 41:00, Bozeman MT

30-39: Adam Sepulveda, 39:43, Bozeman MT

40-49: Scott Sneddon, 40:57, Billings MT

50-59: Sam Reid, 48:27, Livingston MT

60-69: Dick Swanson, 50:00, Bozeman MT

70+: Bob Hayes, 1:13:32, Evaro MT

Clydesdale: Jerome Rusdal, 48:37, Livingston MT


NTZ-NTZ, cumulative 5 fastest finishers: 1:43:40

10K Team WINNER:

CTA Architects, cumulative 5 fastest finishers: 4:31:54

Team With Most Members WINNER:

CTA Architects, 41 members

Huffing For Stuffing Post Race Summary: 11/22/12

What an incredible showing of community support! There was another record turnout for the 6th annual Huffing For Stuffing Thanksgiving Day Run inBozeman,MT. We awoke to a chilly 27 degree morning with streets glazed by the Thanksgiving Eve snow squall. Nonetheless, everyone had an appetite for community spirit and exercise! There were 3,206 participants for the 5K, Untimed 5K and 10K events and an estimated 300 children who brought food donations in order to participate in the Kids’ Run. 1,100 pounds of food donations were collected. With your help, we are proud to donate this year $44,000 to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank during a time when the demands placed upon them are at record levels! Huffing For Stuffing’s six-year cumulative total is $141,200 donated to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. You have us feeling so proud,GallatinValley!

Thank you to our 51 generous sponsors who contributed financial support and invaluable services. Thank you to the approximately 200 volunteers who arrived before sunrise wearing big smiles. Thank you to the 3,206 registered participants who came forth to support our community tradition and make history in the largest run/walk event ever seen inGallatinValley!

The Huffing For Stuffing Event Committee remains dedicated to our mission: to provide a fun, heart-healthy, family-oriented event that brings the community together to support our neighbors who rely on the Gallatin Valley Food Bank during a time of great need. We are grateful to our sponsors, volunteers, participants, City ofBozemanofficials, the greater GallatinValley community and visitors from 40 states for supporting our holiday celebration during challenging economic times that have adversely impacted many people and organizations among our community. We will work hard to carry the positive momentum of Huffing For Stuffing into 2013 and beyond. Thank you!

Warm regards,
Huffing For Stuffing Event Committee